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  • The Principal's Corner

    Welcome to School Year 2016-2017!

    Principal’s Welcome


    Our students value social entrepreneurship, and accordingly have a well-developed sense of ethics, morality, and social justice.

    • Our students will become visionary thinkers and leaders who are able to critically analyze information and make informed decisions
    • Our students have a mastery of conceptual and critical thinking skills
    • Our students understand how to use emerging technologies for information and communication
    • Our students know how to build up and participate in effective work teams by understanding the dynamics of interpersonal and group relationships
    • Our students are comfortable with public speaking, and are skilled at creating and delivering effective presentations

    I Have Questions

    You can call Montebello, “MEMS” – acronym for the school’s full name.

    The school is located near Lake Montebello, which same name is used for the school’s.

    Montebello Elementary/Middle School is not a private school, but a public school that belongs to the Baltimore City Public School System.