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  • School Staff & Teachers

    The Foundation that inspires and educates our students

    Meet Our Staff and Teachers

    The foundation by which our educational services is rendered to the community rests on our school administration, staff and our teachers in delivering the needed inspiration and academic instruction for our students. It is on the discipline, talents, skills and expertise of our school people that life and arts through educational sharing that our students are made to become their own future aspirations and achievements. As Carl Jung would say,

    One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings. The curriculum is so much necessary raw material, but warmth is the vital element for the growing plant and for the soul of the child.

    The Administration

    Lorna K. Hanley
    Justin R. Chambliss
    Assistant Principal - Elem School
    Shayla M. Rice
    Assistant Principal - Middle School

    The Staff

    Administration Support

    Name Designation Room No.
    Marcus Hayes Engagement/ Partnership Room 102
    Jarin Roberts Climate Control Room 15
    Edward Tyson Climate Control Room 14
    Selena McCray Climate Control Room 14
    Pamela Douglas Office Assistant Room 100
    Stephanie Roberts Secretary Room 100
    Officer Purdee School Police Room 114-1

    Primary Instructional Staff

    Name Designation Room No.
    Brita Ayd PK Teacher Room 002
    Amber Blair PK Teacher Room 003
    Darice Cates Kgn. Teacher Room 011
    Rebecca Adams Kgn. Teacher Room 001
    Erica Fugate Gr. 1 Teacher Room 008
    Erica Foote Gr. 1 Teacher Room 005
    Crista Hajiantoni Gr. 2 Math/Sci. Teacher Room 006
    Danille Cash Gr. 2 Teacher ELA/ Soc. Std. Room 007
    Rosalind Green-Ellis Sp. Ed. Teacher/ 2-5/70 Room 004

    Elementary Instructional Staff

    Name Designation Room No.
    Danielle Oliver Gr. 3 Math/ Sci. Teacher Poly Room 108
    Carolyn Calvano Gr. 3 ELA/ Soc. Std. Teacher City Room 107
    Tara Singleton-Welch Gr. 4 ELA/S.S Teacher Dunbar Room 106
    Elizabeth Clingenpeel Gr. 4 Math/ Sci. Teacher Mervo Room 104
    Renae Newton Gr. 5 ELA/Soc. Std. Teacher Room 206
    Tonya Allen Grier Gr. 5 /Math /Sci. Room 105

    Middle School Instructional Staff

    Name Designation Room No.
    Wendy Harris Gr. 6 /ELA/Soc. Std. Drexel Room 200
    Alisha Copeland Gr. 6 Math/ Earth Sci. Tuskegee    Room 201
    Monique Crawley Gr. 7 ELA /Stevenson Room 209
    Janet Aneni Gr. 7/8, Science/ Howard Room 203
    Quanique McClary Gr. 7 Math/ Stanford Room 208
    Jeanette Davis-Royster Gr 7/8 Geo./History Morgan Room 210
    Travis Robinson Gr 8 Math /Emory Room 212
    LaCrystal Foreman Gr. 8 ELA/ Columbia Room 205
    Sekai Moseley Sp. Ed. Teacher Gr. 6-8/70   McDaniel Room 213

    Resource SPARS Teacher

    Name Designation Room No.
    Brenden Drake PE/Health Room 115
    John Yoder Music Room 017
    Keisha Johnson Creative Movement Room 016
    Heather Laird Liberian Room 102
    Steeley  Spencer-Black Spanish Room 207

    Special Education/ Related Service Provider

    Name Designation Room No.
    Alethea Turner IEP Chair Room 216
    Jill Ferry Sp. Ed. ELA/ Math Support Room 217/112
    Cromwell Artiaga Sp. Ed. ELA/ Math Support Room 217/112
    Alexandria Chissell Sp. Ed. Support Teacher Room 010
    Nicole Kazmerick Speech Path. Room 114-1
    Damon Schweitzer Psychologist Room 013
    Danette Colvin Social Worker Room 114-2
    Kimberly Wheeler Social Worker Room 114-2

    Para-Education/ Classroom Assistants

    Name Designation Room No.
    Katrina Robinson Para Educator Room 003
    Tia James Para-Educator Room 011
    Erin Leake Para-Educator Room 002
    Cierra Lewis Para-Educator            Room 214
    Erica Harmon Class Assistant Room 001
    Louis Myers Jr. Sped One to One Room 004

    Health Suite

    Name Designation Room No.
    Nurse Cargo Nurse Room 101
    Denna Washington Health Aide Room 101

    Facilities/ Maintenance

    Name Designation Room No.
    Vincent Dillard  Facility Supervisor Room 008
    Naomi (CJ’s Cleaning Company) Room 008


    Name Designation Room No.
    Anjanette Hall-Pollard Cafeteria Mgr. Room 001
    Jacqueline Tinkler Cafeteria Service Worker Room 001
    Jasmine Bonner Cafeteria Service Worker Room 001
    Kendra Paylor Cafeteria Service Worker Room 001
    Tamicka Barnett Cafeteria Service Worker Room 001
    Monica McCollum Cafeteria Service Worker Room 001

    I Have Questions

    You can call Montebello, “MEMS” – acronym for the school’s full name.

    The school is located near Lake Montebello, which same name is used for the school’s.

    Montebello Elementary/Middle School is not a private school, but a public school that belongs to the Baltimore City Public School System.