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  • School Policies

    What to do about some things while at Montebello.


    • All visitors are required to sign in and out at the secretary’s desk located in the main office.
    • A visitor’s pass will be assigned as needed.
    • Visitors are not permitted into the building after 2:30 p.m. due to dismissal.
    • No smoking on school grounds.
    • Intimidating or harassing behavior from visitors will not be tolerated.
    • Visitors that exhibit this type of behavior will be asked to leave the building. Failure to comply will result in School Police being called.
    • Entering any part of the school premises without authorization is strictly prohibited.
    • Gambling is not allowed on school property is strictly prohibited.
    • Any refusal to identify yourself after reasonable request may result in you being asked to leave the premise.
    • Possession of weapons is strictly prohibited on Montebello school grounds.
    • Distributing or wearing inappropriate attire is not allowed.

    Telephone Usage & Paging

    Each classroom is equipped with a telephone that has a voice message mailbox. Please feel free to leave a message for your child’s teacher. All messages will get a response in a timely manner. It is crucial that our classrooms are not interrupted during instructional time. In the case of an emergency, please contact the main office and we will relay the message immediately.

    The public address system will not be used to page during the school day. When used, it causes a great disruption to the instructional program. This type of request cannot be honored at any time. Students will be brought to the office for emergency situations as deemed by the principal.

    Electronic Devices

    Montebello takes no responsibility for items that are brought to school and lost or stolen as they are not allowed on the premises at any time. If electronics are found, the item(s) will be confiscated from the student. All confiscated electronics can be picked up by a parent or guardian from a school administrator. If the items are not picked up and are stolen from the premises ie: from a teacher or administrator, Montebello takes no responsibility and will not reimburse for the items. The following items are not allowed at Montebello due to classroom distraction and high possibility of theft.

    The following items are not allowed in the building due to distraction in the classroom and possible theft:

    • Removable Teeth “fronts”
    • Handheld electronic games (PSP, Nintendo DS, etc.)
    • Cellular phones
    • Radios and headphones
    • IPods
    • Toys

    The best way to keep these items secure is to keep them at home. We absolutely can not invest any time trying to locate these items when they are not allowed in the building. Students that are caught using the device in anyway during instructional time will have them confiscated and they will have to be picked up by a parent during a conference.