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  • School Initiatives

    Ways and means that students are helped.

    Academic Intervention

    Montebello offers Academic Intervention Services for students that need additional support with their school work. This is done in the form of:

    • Academic pull outs
    • Skill focus small groups for reading and math
    • After school academic support
    • Saturday School Program
    • Summer School Program (When funding is available)
    • Modified work
    • Differentiated Instruction
    • Cooperative Grouping Learning Environment

    Montebello also offers additional support for students that perform above grade level. This is done in the form of:

    • Advanced placement classroom
    • Special grade level placements for students
    • Accelerated work load
    • Project Based Learning
    • Rigorous Differentiated Instruction

    Special Education

    Our school is committed to a program of responsible inclusion for students who are diverse learners. This means that we offer an educational program in the least restrictive environment designed to meet the learning needs of the broadest possible spectrum of students.

    We provide a responsible inclusion model where special educators and general educators co-plan and co-teach classes. In addition, special education para-professionals work side-by-side with all children to ensure that their goals are being met even when the special education teacher is not there to assist them.


    Middle School Initiative

    Montebello has officially transitioned to an Elementary/Middle School. All of our classrooms have state of the art technology and highly qualified teachers. Our school counselor will assist our students in making the transition from middle school to high school. We are continuing with our offerings of advanced classes for our students in math and are grooming them for the citywide high school programs. Please remind your children daily about the expectation of excellence. Parents, please make sure to look in your child’s book bag nightly to determine if we have sent communication home to you. Because of the amount of high-school transition information that we will be sending home, it is imperative that you are kept abreast on what is coming up. Students must maintain a high academic average to better their chances of placement in these programs. Their grades will incorporate the following:
    • Daily participation in class
    • Daily attendance
    • Skill Focus Assessments
    • Completion of Quarterly Projects
    • Science Laboratory Assignments
    • Tests & Quizzes
    • Homework
    • Extra Credit Assignments as determined by the classroom teacher

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    Montebello has several clubs and extracurricular activities. We believe that focusing on the whole child will develop better citizens. The following is a sample of the programs that we have at Montebello:

    • Montebello Progressive Steppers
    • Montebello Fashion Show Club
    • Montebello Boy Scouts
    • Montebello Tennis Team
    • Montebello Basketball Team
    • G.I.R.L.S – “Getting Into Real Life Situations” Empowment Team for Middle School Girls
    • Partnership with the Challenge Program
    • Partnership with Community Conferencing (Daily Rap Groups)
    • Montebello Book Club
    • Montebello Science Club