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  • Health & Safety

    Reminders to take care of students' health and promote a safe environment.

    If a student becomes ill or is injured at school, he/she will be escorted to the health suite for assistance by BCPSS Health Services. The parent or guardian will be contacted. If this injury results in the need for an early dismissal, students who are picked up must be signed out by the adult picking them up.

    Fire Drills

    • Move quickly to the nearest exit.
    • Listen to your teacher for directions.
    • No unnecessary talking during a fire drill.
    • Move away from the building to your designated area.
    • Wait quietly for the signal to return to the building.
    • Enter the building quietly and follow the directions of your teacher.


    Students in need of medication at school must have a SH-19 form filled out. This form includes instructions from your child’s pediatrician for administering the medication. No children should carry medication nor should they be self administering at any time. THIS IS A LEGAL ISSUE!

    Parents, please make sure that your children maintain their regular schedule for medication that is taken at home. This will ensure that they do not loose instruction time.

    Emergency Contact Forms

    Please return your child’s Emergency Contact Form with several ways to reach family members by phone. It is very important that you keep the office informed when you change your address or phone numbers. The accuracy of the information provided is critical in case of an emergency at school or with your child. Please note that the person that you provide us with as an Emergency Contact other than yourself may be contacted at any time. Please make sure that their information is accurate as well.

    Health Classes

    Montebello began implementing Health classes. Students in grades 6-8 will work with the Health curriculum in a 10 week class that is separate from Science. This will give our students the opportunity to have exposure to the health standards set by Baltimore City Public Schools.