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  • Discipline Code

    The rule of conduct that every Montebello person must observe.

    At Montebello, we observe, exhibit, and teach the core values of wisdom, justice, courage, compassion, hope, respect, responsibility, and integrity. These core values, and the responsible behavior of our school/district personnel, students, parents and visitors, are all essential to achieving academic success, in a safe and orderly manner.

    To achieve these goals, Montebello has clearly defined “responsible behavior” in the Code of Conduct. This policy identifies acceptable and unacceptable conduct as well as the appropriate disciplinary action for each infraction as defined within the pages of this document. When disciplinary action is necessary, it shall be administered promptly and fairly to correct the behavior of the individual. Any and all disciplinary actions will be executed within the school’s jurisdiction of school grounds/property, field trips or any school related event /activity, including routes to and from school.

    Montebello assures that all students shall have the rights granted to them by federal and state constitutions, statutes and regulations. We also recognize all federal, state, and local laws in connection with these rights. Students are expected to accept all responsibilities that accompany these rights to ensure personal success, as well as, the success of our school community.


    1. To a free public education in the least restrictive learning environment possible.
    2. To a classroom atmosphere that is conducive to the learning process.
    3. To competent instruction that deals with the individual needs of the learner.
    4. To maintain integrity and feel secure for their personal safety.
    5. To be treated with respect by all members of the school community.


    • To attend school/class everyday that school is in session, on time, and prepared to learn, unless legally excused.
    • To conduct themselves in a manner that contributes to the learning community.
    • To conduct themselves in a manner that does not threaten, interfere with, or deprive other students of their right to an education as maintained by law.
    • To meet the goals and objectives of the curriculum as an active and participatory learner.
    • To ask questions when the information is not understood.
    • To respect the rules and regulations of the district, the laws of the community and state and federal governments.
    • To use good judgment and the sensitivity to the fullest level of their ability.
    • To be familiar with the Code and its contents.
    • To treat themselves, others and property with dignity and respect; refrain from name-calling, fighting, harassment, belittling or engaging in deliberate attempts to embarrass or harm fellow students and other actions described as class offenses.
    • To avoid behavior that shows contempt.
    • To appeal decisions only through appropriate channels.