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    Educational Aspirations

    Comprising with trained, dedicated and committed staff, Montebello Elementary/Middle School is proud to share this school year the needed educational energy and enthusiasm for our students and the community. Through the years, excellence in academic and human development is our primary goal, and every year we keep those high standards in mind — in keeping with the profession by which we are called for. College-ready curriculum, rigorous academic instruction and community leadership are what we have in place for School Year 2017-2018. Here in Montebello, we always realize our educational aspirations for our students.

    The Institutional Programs

    Our School’s academic enterprise is organized primarily into Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School.

    Elementary School Schedule

    The Elementary Department is comprised of Kindergarten to Grade 5  levels. View the available Elementary Class Schedule for School Year 2017-2018.

    Middle School Class Schedule

    The Middle School Department is comprised of Grade 6 to Grade 8  levels. View the available Middle School Class Schedule for School Year 2017-2018.

    School Academic Calendar

    With the education of our students in mind, each day is a concrete learning experience.


    Explore and travel in the world of knowledge through available resources in our media center.